नयी मंज़िल के मीरे-कारवाँ भी और होते हैं
पुराने ख़िज़्रे-रह बदले वो तर्ज़े-रहबरी बदला
-फ़िराक़ गोरखपुरी

रविवार, 15 फ़रवरी 2015


Mukul ji wonderful!!!
कितनी लंबी है
महापुरूषों की कतार
पर हाय
इतने महापुरूष मिलकर...
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  • आपको और Abhishek Kumar को यह पसंद है.
  • Bharat Sharma The narrative of women as a victim is a very western narrative. Look at books like Second Sex of Simone de Beauva. It is promoted - both by the communists who want to see everything from lens of class / conflict instead of harmony and by missionaries because it serves their purpose of making women lose faith in their civilizational beliefs.

    In Abrahamic beliefs, the lady is literally "bought" by paying a marriage money - Meher or ring thing. In Dharmic / Indic view, the lady is necessary and complimentary - like Yin and Yang. 

    Are Shakti, Durga, Parvati good enough to define Maha Stri ? Does Draupadi qualify ?

    What about the pratah smaraniye stree ??
  • Anupama Garg Bharat Sharma Ji, please help me understand why does RSS not have a single book on mahastri rather than devi?
  • Bharat Sharma RSS has one point agenda - creation of people / vyakti nirman. Sangh does nothing else. However there is no field where Swayamsevaks are not active.

    There are SCORES of books published by various publishing houses inspired by RSS. From Gargi, to Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar to Kittoor Rani Chennama and LOADS of books on Veer mata Jeeja bai.

    Who in your definition is a Maha Stri ?
  • Anupama Garg and where do we see the swayamsevikas Bharat Sharma ji?
  • Bharat Sharma I see in you. 

    Anupama Garg ji, surely you are familiar with so many. Monika Arora bhabhi ji,Swathi Ram ji who heads YFS.....
  • Anupama Garg I'm a semantically and linguisticaly driven person Bharat Sharma Ji, so, while these women totally qualify as Maha Stri, there's not one Point of reference in entire literature, where they are called "Maha Stri" verbatim.Maha sati, Veer Mata, Devi, all words, but linguistically when you do not find the word 'Maha Stri' you sell that perception
  • Anupama Garg So, perhaps, what needs to be done is that we need to change the linguistics to begin with
  • Bharat Sharma This is hair splitting certainly.
  • Anupama Garg And the change in perceptions would soon follow. Even if not soon, the change, I promise you, will be certainly far more stable, because then psedo intellectuals like me will not e able to hair split
  • Anupama Garg Bharat Ji, God works in detail, but then so does the devil ?
  • Anupama Garg And believe me on this Bharat Ji, I might be a person of detail, but then detail is not ALWAYS harmful. As far as I am concerned, I totally understand the difference between poetry and my grasp of fact. Poetry is not necessarily fact.
  • Anupama Garg Let me ask you a question further to this, if someone wrote a saga elucidating these women (like khoob ladi mardani) what are the patrons of these Maha Stris going to do to ensure that those sagas sell and are propogated?
  • Anupama Garg Sit and arm chair theorize? I'm sorry if I sound paranoid, if I sound critical, perhaps harsh too, but realistically an incentive always works better than philosophical preaching. Specially when others are incentivizing their propoganda (even when fake).

    It is only after the incentive scheme is deeply rooted to the point that it now becomes the part and parcel of the belief and value system that incentives stop mattering

    Bharat Sharma ji, with all due respect, I do NOT mean any disrespect or offense and I personally hold all these women in great esteem and cringe at my personal failures to follow their footsteps, but I do not live in their age. Give me a reason to feel that when I follow them, my wings will not be clipped, my freedom will not be curbed, I will feel safe, secure, an achiever and satisfied with myself and the world around me, I will be fine
  • Bharat Sharma The biggest incentive is the desire to do it because I feel it is important to do it. Because I will not be able to sleep easy if I don't.
  • Anupama Garg Bharat Sharmaji, again, the basic human incentive is bhookhe bhajan na hoi gupala. Not everyone's incentive is martyrdom (specially when they cannot afford it)
  • Anupama Garg And in continuation to that, please let me feel that I will define and I can define what my achievements are and should be, rather than my father, brother, husband, son, or some random social construct defining it.

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